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Publishing News and Call for Submissions

Issue 7 was a great success and in my opinion the best so far. If you haven’t read it yet please take a look. Here is the link: Issue 7 We are open as ever for submissions of photos and stories so if you want to be part of Issue 8 please send before 15th […]

Submissions Welcome for Issue V

Submissions Please send stories and/or photos for issue five. Work received before September 15th will be considered for the next issue, anything received after that will be in the running for a later issue. Photography: Fall is an especially colourful time in the USA and photos are welcomed which illustrate this beauty. Abandoned buildings, old […]

Roadside Fiction Issue Four

Cover photo and design John P Brady   Roadside Fiction Issue Four   Contents:   Carphone, 1992 by Orla McAlinden The Bullfight by Brian Kirk Edge of the Borderline by EJ Coleman The Right-Leaning Dimple by Sara Stefanini Hibernian 1 Hearts 5 by Niall Foley King of the Sting by Tim Lay I Hope God […]

Roadside Fiction Issue Four Credits

  If you are a writer or photographer please view our submissions page. For advertising enquiries please contact: editor [at] roadsidefiction [dot] com We do not receive any income from subscriptions so please consider donating 3 Euros/Dollars to help us maintain this publication. Please support our contributers by visiting their websites and purchasing their work. […]

King of the Sting by Tim Lay

‘King of the Sting’ by Tim Lay   Ali sits with Moussa spinning tops against the wall. Moussa is the same age but he isn’t so smart. He has a silly grin, even when he’s sad. Ali’s father says it’s because his mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby. The morning […]

The Last Green Frontier by Ariel Beller

‘The Last Green Frontier’ by Ariel Beller   In Missouri, in the Current River, the eels nibbled at my feet.  It was breeding season and they hovered against the flow in ankle deep water.  Later I got stoned with her father by the campfire and was frightened of myself.  At night we slept in our […]

The Bullfight by Brian Kirk

‘The Bullfight’ by Brian Kirk   All day we heard the fractious blare of the tannoy announcing the evening’s bullfight. We heard it as we sat beside the pool in the morning reading our books; we heard it again in the afternoon, and actually saw the beat up old bus from which they broadcast, down […]

Submissions for Issue IV

Roadside Fiction is full of the joys of spring. We have opened up like a flower and intend to soak up the sun’s rays until late autumn. Please send stories and/or photos for issue four. Work received before June 15th will be considered for the next issue, anything received after that will be in the […]

An Addict Abroad by Garreth Keating

‘An Addict Abroad’ by Garreth Keating John Paul’s eyes lit up at the question. This boy clearly did it. He had heard lots of people in Nepal did it. This guy had come straight to the point; nothing about how much the room would be or where the bathroom was. “Well, brown sugar wouldn’t be […]

Editors Introduction – Roadside Fiction Issue One

I am delighted to present the first issue of Roadside Fiction. The magazine was born in August 2012 with an aim to publish realistic, true-to-life fiction. One night in The Vat House, Dublin, 18 months ago, I had been lamenting the lack of a literary magazine which published honest, occasionally gritty, short fiction. I had […]