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Marble City Sunshine by John Traynor

Photo by Luca Calvani   ‘Marble City Sunshine’ by John Traynor   They dropped the tabs and threw caution to turbulent beauty. Their LSD eyes, arose amid a day-glow city, gorgeously scary. “Let’s get out of the city. All these people are really eerie. They don’t understand. Life has become torture, most people are only […]

I Heard The Bang by Nick Gerrard

Photo by Laura Kiselevach   ‘I Heard The Bang’ by Nick Gerrard   I pushed my way from the plane and took a taxi to Long Street. Big Mamma’s bar was empty in the early afternoon; I sat on a high stool at the wooden bar and savored a long one. Si bounced in with […]

Wild Horses by Howard Cunnell

Photo by Laura Kiselevach   ‘Wild Horses’ by Howard Cunnell   I leave Puerto Angel. In a shack in San Augustinillo a red-faced white man with straw-coloured hair sells me a beer. He wears an ugly green mesh cap and is bare chested and tattooed with swastikas and snakes. I try not to look at […]