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Wild Horses by Howard Cunnell

Photo by Laura Kiselevach   ‘Wild Horses’ by Howard Cunnell   I leave Puerto Angel. In a shack in San Augustinillo a red-faced white man with straw-coloured hair sells me a beer. He wears an ugly green mesh cap and is bare chested and tattooed with swastikas and snakes. I try not to look at […]

Roadside Fiction Issue 8

Cover photo by Susie Sweetland   Roadside Fiction – Issue Eight- Summer 2014 Welcome to Issue 8! This is a special issue because it coincides with the launch of our first book Back to the Gaff by John P Brady. You can expect nothing less than the usual standard of scandal, outrageous narrative and immediate […]

Roadside Fiction Issue 8 Credits

Photo by Susie Sweetland If you are a writer or photographer please view our submissions page. For advertising enquiries please contact: editor [at] roadsidefiction [dot] com We do not receive any income from subscriptions so please consider donating 3 Euros/Dollars to help us maintain this publication. Please support our contributers by visiting their websites and […]

Red Barn, Blue Sky (Photos) by David J. Thompson

David J. Thompson has been unemployed and homeless (in a good way) since October 2013. He was formerly a prep school teacher and coach. His photos have appeared in Slipstream and on the cover of Midwestern Gothic, among others. He is also the author of five poetry chapbooks. Please visit his photo website at ninemilephoto.com.   […]

Atlas of Small Things (Photos) by Susie Sweetland

Susie Sweetland’s work was featured in a previous issue of Roadside Fiction. Since then she has put together a fabulous collection of her photography. Below are a diverse range of photos which are featured in it. Check her website to find out the release date. I’m delighted to collaborate with such a talented artist.   […]

Kitty at the Window by Gary Mielo

Photo by Susie Sweetland   ‘Kitty at the Window’ by Gary Mielo   Overlaying Coltrane’s frantic riffs of “Greensleeves” in the vaporous grotto of the Village Vanguard, I hear the past’s noon sirens and tugboat horns rising up from the bowels of the Jersey waterfront. His sax releases me from the present and the future […]

Outskirts by Oleg Razumovsky

Photo by David J. Thompson   ‘Outskirts’ by Oleg Razumovsky   On the eve of the fucking default I settled down on the outskirts of the city. Downtown by that time had clearly outlived itself. All marginal guys plain disappeared I don’t know where. There remained only disgusting dumb townsfolk philistines and nasty young zombies […]

The Pick Up Line by T.L. Gray

Photo by David J. Thompson   ‘The Pick Up Line’ by T.L. Gray   Sidney couldn’t get her Mustang to go fast enough around the twisting, winding, and lonely back roads. She did all she could to avoid the traffic of interstates frequented by worker bees and corporate zombies, choosing instead to take the long […]

Confessions of a Ladies Man by Karl MacDermott

Photo by Susie Sweetland   ‘Confessions of a Ladies Man’ by Karl MacDermott   Where do rapists get their stamina? You read about a court-case. He put some poor woman through a six-hour ordeal. Six hours! I can’t keep it hard for more than four minutes.  I tell you mating with someone is such difficult […]

The Gnats by Shane Vaughan

Photo by Susie Sweetland   ‘The Gnats’ by Shane Vaughan   At 3.15am the gnats come. As they do every night. It has been this way for some time now. My morning routine is set in stone. Arise at eight for coffee: black, no sugar, and one slice of lightly buttered golden brown toast. If […]