DSCF2867Roadside Fiction is currently closed for submissions. The editor is busy with another project and cannot reply to any emails. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We were originally open  for submissions year round. We are especially interested in the wild, rude, amusing, outrageous yet realistic story.

For each writer we publish, we will feature their bio complete with links to websites and social media. We will also endeavour to promote every writer or photographer who is published by us. Our goal is to discover and help as many new writers as possible.


Guidelines Fiction:

We are chiefly searching for contributions from writers who have a few stories, articles or blogs published but will also consider work from those without.

We like realistic material which often draws on real life experience such as travel, work, time spent abroad, relationships between friends or lovers. Describing a city and its inhabitants also interests us. Be funny, rude, honest and don’t hold back.

Write naturally. Do not try to emulate others, instead create your own unique voice. The results will be better.

All work must be fiction. If it has a basis in reality then it must be fictionalised by changing names, places, details and plot.

As this magazine has such a connection with exploration and travel we are particularily interested in contributions from expatriates, those who have lived abroad for a period and have now returned or those who have been lucky enough to travel a lot.

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Submit to: editor [at] roadsidefiction [dot] com

Enclose a short bio.

Word count should be between 500 and 2500 words, double spaced.
(.doc .docx pdf google docs)

Your profile will appear on the website which will help your promotion efforts. You may include a link to your Facebook, website, or blog. We will promote you and your work in every way possible. All manuscripts submitted must be original and previously unpublished.


Photo submissions:

We would like colourful images of people/places/outdoors/images of travelling/hippy or alternative clothing/music.

No insects/animals/children/nudity/overly dark images.

Submit to: editor [at] roadsidefiction [dot] com

Enclose a short bio.


Fiction styles encouraged:

Roman a clef style

Realistic life situations


Expatriate writers

Holiday experiences

Gap year travel

The absurd

Allegorical writing welcome (as long as your allegory is apparent)

Most of all: Comedy



No horror

No family based or parental/sibling relationship pieces

No child perspective

No “It was all a dream”

No “blog” style (diary style, interesting only to the writer themselves)


Authors we like:

George Orwell

Hunter S Thompson

Jack Kerouac

Ernest Hemingway

James Joyce


Geoffrey Chaucer

Mario Puzo

Charles Bukowski

Brian O’Nolan / Flann O’Brien

Copyright remains with the author but you agree that we have the right of first publication and the right to possibly include your work in a later anthology either electronically, online or in print.
If your work is later republished we would appreciate if you mentioned that the piece was previously published by Roadside Fiction.