Submissions for Issue IV

Roadside Fiction is full of the joys of spring. We have opened up like a flower and intend to soak up the sun’s rays until late autumn.

Please send stories and/or photos for issue four. Work received before June 15th will be considered for the next issue, anything received after that will be in the running for a later issue.

As ever we like stories that are daring, a little strange, very honest, and that reflect modern life and modern habits.

If it involves any of the following we might be especially interested:
life abroad, getting drunk, meeting a new man or woman, tales of excess and adventure, travelling, the painful reality of day to day work…

We are including lots of photos so send in either:
colourful, summery, outdoors shots
black and white shots of desolate places
photos of graffiti/street art
photos which suggest movement or travel, such as cars, trains, planes, boats and so on are also welcome.

Have the best day of your life,




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