Roadside Fiction Issue Three

Roadside Fiction Issue III

Cover photo by John P Brady

Roadside Fiction – Issue Three – Spring 2013



Flash Fiction:

Partialism by Tony Perseghin

Keeping Rhythm by Hugo Glin
Short Stories:

I Know You Are, What Am I? by Lisa Lynn Biggar

The Grass is Always Greener by Kate Bailward

Bought Some Texas Longhorns And A Hieronymus Bosch by Catfish McDaris

Mountain Rain by Teresa Peipins

Arcs by EM Reapy

Coming Clean by Timber Masterson

The Finisher by Joey Dean Hale

Out to Dry by Andi Pearson


Photos of India

Anjumon Sahin’s wonderfully colourful images of India really open a door on the country, aesthetically and socially.

Photos from Texas

Christopher Woods has kindly contributed several very colourful images of a very unique part of the USA. The photos appear below some of the short stories but can also be viewed here.

Dublin Images

Irish poet, Stephen James Smith flirts with the lens as well as with verse. Some pictures of his native Dublin are included here.

Sun Tree

Joey Dean Hale, a writer and photographer has contributed a story and two images for this issue.


Liv Lansdale captured some wonderful graffiti in progress.


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