Roadside Fiction Issue Six

Roadside Fiction Issue Six

Roadside Fiction Issue Six

Cover photo by Tom Darin Liskey


Roadside Fiction – Issue Six – Winter 2014




Short Stories
Veronica and the Men by Steven Mace
The Big Enigma by Mel Fawcett
The Recital: January 1989 by Jason O’Rourke
Rebellion Losses by Robert Palmer
Hard-boiled Sleep by Shane Mac Donnchaidh
Lost Decade by Hugo Glin (Flash Fiction)
Stag by Joe Welsh
Second Chances by Robert Bates
Oblique Lines by Jack Coey
Pawn Shop Blues by Giovanni Zuniga

Photos by Juhani Rintanen
Dublin Graffiti by John P Brady
Photos by MJ Preston
Photos by Tom Darin Liskey




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