Roadside Fiction – Issue One – Contents

Roadside Fiction – Issue One Fall 2012


Editor’s Introduction


‘Singing for your Supper’ by Paddy Toye

A street musician or busker, is an observer of society. What does he see on a busy Friday night in Dublin? What are his thoughts as he performs to adults at ‘playtime’?

‘Campus in Three Acts’ by John P Brady

A snapshot of university life. Two alternative-minded students stroll through campus meeting a strange individual with a gas canister and relating unusual stories

‘Anna’s Nails’ by Linda Fisher

Larraine lives for Anna’s smile. Anna is a waitress. Is Larraine becoming obsessed?

‘A View of the Park’ by Troy Blackford

What happens when Jasper, a bored office worker, places an advert online posing as a vulnerable, yet sexually adventurous young girl? Who replies? Most importantly, what does Jasper do next?

‘The Artist of the Dead’ by M.V. Montgomery

A professor meets a former student by chance in Florence, Italy. Both become interested in unraveling the mystery of the ‘Traitor’s Gate’, a painting which depicts a gruesome sight.

‘Ghost estates can do this to a guy’ by Caroline Carey Finn

A topical piece concerning the ‘ghost estates’ which represent the emptiness and disorganisation remaining after the huge construction dominated boom in Ireland fell to the ground.

‘As We Lay by the Mediterranean’ by Shane Vaughan

Two friends on a beach and their life working in Spain on a work placement scheme.

‘An addict abroad’ by Garreth Keating

While travelling through Nepal, John Paul leaves the comfort of his hotel to stay with the traditional locals. Having stopped smoking, he meets a friendly young man who offers to buy him some marijuana.


PD Duda’s photos of Pennsylvania dominate this issue with one appearing below almost all of the stories. The pictures convey desolation, abandonment and new directions into the unknown. Within this isolation however, there is hope and beauty.
John P Brady and Paddy Toye also provide images.

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