Roadside Fiction Issue Four

Roadside Fiction - Issue Four

Cover photo and design John P Brady


Roadside Fiction Issue Four




Carphone, 1992 by Orla McAlinden

The Bullfight by Brian Kirk

Edge of the Borderline by EJ Coleman

The Right-Leaning Dimple by Sara Stefanini

Hibernian 1 Hearts 5 by Niall Foley

King of the Sting by Tim Lay

I Hope God Was Watching TV by Mike Mulvey

The Last Green Frontier by Ariel Beller

Horseshoes In The Rain by Jeff Weddle




The Colours of Faith by Anjumon Sahin

Cambodia by Johanna C. Leahy

House and Vine by Susie Sweetland

Canyonlands by George Hardwick

Owl Farm by Kathleen Donohoe


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