Roadside Fiction Issue 8

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Roadside Fiction – Issue 8

Cover photo by Susie Sweetland


Roadside Fiction – Issue Eight- Summer 2014

Welcome to Issue 8!

This is a special issue because it coincides with the launch of our first book Back to the Gaff by John P Brady. You can expect nothing less than the usual standard of scandal, outrageous narrative and immediate writing. One of the stories from Back to the Gaff, entitled Flash Dresser, is included here for your enjoyment. The book is available online in paperback and ebook formats and also in as of yet a limited number of bookshops in Dublin.
Please support us and the author by buying a copy.

The standard is very high again in this issue with all of the below stories having been crafted excellently.

Short Stories

Flash Dresser by John P Brady
Road Trip to Hell by Wayne Scheer
An Unfortunate View by Mel Fawcett
Downing Out in New York by Stephen Wade
Frank’s Bad Day by Jeff Weddle
The Gnats by Shane Vaughan
Confessions of a Ladies Man by Karl MacDermott
The Pick Up Line by T.L. Gray
Outskirts by Oleg Razumovsky
Kitty at the Window by Gary Mielo

Atlas of Small Things (Photos) by Susie Sweetland
Red Barn, Blue Sky (Photos) by David J. Thompson


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