Publishing News and Call for Submissions

Roadside Fiction - Issue FourIssue 7 was a great success and in my opinion the best so far. If you haven’t read it yet please take a look. Here is the link: Issue 7

We are open as ever for submissions of photos and stories so if you want to be part of Issue 8 please send before 15th June 2014.

Although Roadside Fiction is primarily a literary magazine we have decided on a foray into publishing also. The first release will be a book called ‘Back to the Gaff’ by John P Brady, a collection of 15 stories based on the madness of drunken nights in Dublin city. The ‘gaff’ or house is returned to when the chaos has ended, when a new lover is found or when the party must be continued.

Publication date is set for June 14th 2014. We are NOT currently accepting any novel manuscripts.

In other news congratulations to Daire O’Driscoll, a writer who was included in Issue 5, has published a book entitled ‘Undone.’

It’s available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle form and the link is below.
Undone by Daire O’Driscoll

There will be a book launch for it this Thursday, May 8 in The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin and everyone is welcome to come along and have a free glass of wine. Here is the Facebook event page

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