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Roadside Fiction Issue Seven

Cover photo by Steven Falconer   Issue Seven – Spring 2014   Short Stories   Protection by Marc de Faoite Vagabond’s Education by Jeff Suwak Frank by Teresa Sweeney The Queen of Barrio Alto by Nick Gerrard Manhattan Melodrama by Dan Morey Shellshock by Kim Farleigh London – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning by Garry Crystal […]

The Queen of Barrio Alto by Nick Gerrard

  Photo by Tom Darin Liskey     ‘The Queen of Barrio Alto’ by Nick Gerrard   I always knew where to find him. Behind Liberty Avenue; full of luxury shoe shops and dear cafés with tree-topped shaded terraces. In the scruffy narrow cobbled streets, where people live and work. There’s José’s bar and grill, […]

Frank by Teresa Sweeney

  Photo by Steven Falconer     ‘Frank’ by Teresa Sweeney You know how it is when you know someone so well? You know their expressions, their habits. It is like you know what they’ll do next before they know it themselves. That’s how it was here. For example, I knew that Frank would continuously […]

Vagabond’s Education by Jeff Suwak

Photo by George Mason     ‘Vagabond’s Education’ by Jeff Suwak I woke to the sound of someone outside my tent shouting, “Come out with your hands up! We’re drunk and we’re armed.” The voice was followed by the sound of giggling and pine needles crunching under people’s feet. Lying still, I gripped the piece […]

Roadside Fiction Issue Seven Credits

If you are a writer or photographer please view our submissions page. For advertising enquiries please contact: editor [at] roadsidefiction [dot] com We do not receive any income from subscriptions so please consider donating 3 Euros/Dollars to help us maintain this publication [link to Paypal on right]. Please support our contributers by visiting their websites […]

Protection by Marc de Faoite

Photo by John P Brady     ‘Protection’ by Marc de Faoite “What’s dish a day?” asks Niall. “Chicken curry with basmati rice,” I answer. “Ye want some?” “Yeah. Give us a big plate, I’m feckin starvin.’” “There ye go. Get that inta ye.” “Thanks. Smells great…. I saw ye chattin’ with Mad Dog Ray […]

Fashion From the Other Side of the Tracks by Steven Falconer

          Fashion From the Other Side of the Tracks by Steven Falconer   I walked away from a career as a fashion photographer when I realized that I wanted my life’s work to be about something other than advertising, and, artistic as it can be, fashion photography is advertising. I couldn’t, […]

Cashmere Silk by Deborah O’Neille Schubbe

Cover photo by Steven Falconer     ‘Cashmere Silk’ by Deborah O’Neille Schubbe I fell in love the day I first laid eyes on my sister’s new boyfriend. I was sitting with relatives at a distant aunt’s engagement party. Uncle Bart was ad-libbing a toast to her and groom number three when Kristie waltzed in […]

Miracle by David Allan Cates

  Photo by Steven Falconer     ‘Miracle’ by David Allan Cates   Like I say, a miracle. Which if you’re unfamiliar with the term up there on the grid of the North American Midwest is something that happens every day down here. Well, maybe not that often but I did have another mystical experience […]

The Vagabond’s Penance by Lily Murphy

Photo by John P Brady     ‘The Vagabond’s Penance’ by Lily Murphy   It was a day for the ducks as the rain hit the streets of Cork city with such a hardness that it almost cracked the pavements. A gaggle of old women who were weighed down with their shopping bags huddled in […]