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Horseshoes in the Rain by Jeff Weddle

Photo by Anjumon Sahin     ‘Horseshoes in the Rain’ by Jeff Weddle   Paul had never beaten Monroe in horseshoes, though they had played at least two or three times a week all summer.  The horseshoe pits were in Paul’s yard and Monroe would come over and they’d drink beer and toss shoes.  Paul’s […]

Roadside Fiction Issue Four

Cover photo and design John P Brady   Roadside Fiction Issue Four   Contents:   Carphone, 1992 by Orla McAlinden The Bullfight by Brian Kirk Edge of the Borderline by EJ Coleman The Right-Leaning Dimple by Sara Stefanini Hibernian 1 Hearts 5 by Niall Foley King of the Sting by Tim Lay I Hope God […]

Owl Farm by Kathleen Donohoe

Bio: Kathleen Donohoe lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and son. Her fiction has appeared in several literary magazines, including The Recorder: Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, Washington Square Review, Harpur Palate, Hampton Shorts, New York Stories, Web Conjunctions and the SNReview. She blogs at       Contents           […]

Canyonlands by George Hardwick

Bio: George Hardwick is an aspiring travel writer/photographer, living in Boulder Colorado. He grew up in Albany New York reading adventure novels by authors such as Tim Cahill, and magazines like National Geographic, dreaming to one day be standing inside their pictures. Now that he’s there, he’s been trying to share his own version of […]

House and Vine by Susie Sweetland

Bio: Susie Sweetland was born and raised in Portland Oregon. She received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brigham Young University, spent some years in the Ohio Appalachians and currently lives in the Willamette Valley with her husband and cat where she works in the Vineyard industry. She spends her free time writing, growing […]

Cambodia – Johanna C. Leahy

Bio: Johanna C. Leahy is Irish but has lived almost half her life overseas. The UK, US, Singapore, Philippines, Norway & Malaysia have all been temporary homes. Her short stories have appeared in Crannog and Boyne Berries. She writes health and lifestyle articles for magazines, is working on a novel and, in lieu of a […]

The Colours of Faith by Anjumon Sahin

Bio: Anjumon Sahin is pursuing her M.Phil degree in English literature from the University of Delhi, India alongside working as an Assistant Professor there. Writing and Photography are her two obsessions.  Anjumon can be contacted at     View more photos by Anjumon Sahin here Contents                 […]

Hibernian 1 Hearts 5 by Niall Foley

‘Hibernian 1 Hearts 5′ by Niall Foley   This was in Edinburgh. The bar staff kept passing in the narrow space between where I stood and where everyone else sat. It meant I could move back out of the way every so often and detach. I was in one of those uncertain moods. When I […]

The Right-Leaning Dimple by Sara Stefanini

‘The Right-Leaning Dimple’ by Sara Stefanini   “So what was New York like on election night? An all-night party like last time?” “Well, it definitely sounded like it from my bedroom window. People were screaming and shouting and honking horns and all that shit til, like, 5 AM,” he huffs, adding a big eye-roll for […]

Edge of the Borderline by EJ Coleman

‘Edge of the Borderline’ by EJ Coleman   Alex Gallagher took a deep breath and surged up the stairs, opened the door and entered into another world.  She let out an elongated sigh.  As she walked towards the bar, flashing lights from the dance floor provided momentary lighting through the thick smoky air.  The rainbow […]