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Roadside Fiction Issue Five

  Cover photo by Claire Ibarra   Roadside Fiction Issue Five   Issue five contains 7 pieces of flash fiction, 3 short stories and 2 pages of photos. Though we usually focus on short stories, this time we were inundated by quality shorter submissions and as ever the issue is shaped by the material we […]

Vietnam and Cambodia by Johanna C Leahy

Bio: Johanna C. Leahy is Irish but has lived almost half her life overseas. The UK, US, Singapore, Philippines, Norway & Malaysia have all been temporary homes. Her short stories have appeared in Crannog and Boyne Berries. She writes health and lifestyle articles for magazines, is working on a novel and, in lieu of a […]

Cachora by Claire Ibarra

Claire is a writer, poet, and photographer residing in Miami, Florida. Her photographs have appeared and are forthcoming in numerous literary journals, including Blue Fifth Review, Thumbnail Magazine, Poetic Pinup Revue,Lummox 2, and SmokeLong Quarterly.  Claire and her husband own a hostel in Cachora, a small village in the Andes en route to the Choquequirau ruins. You can learn […]

Roadside Fiction Issue Five Credits

  If you are a writer or photographer please view our submissions page. For advertising enquiries please contact: editor [at] roadsidefiction [dot] com We do not receive any income from subscriptions so please consider donating 3 Euros/Dollars to help us maintain this publication. Please support our contributers by visiting their websites and purchasing their work. […]

The Magic Number by Ron Burch

Photo by Johanna C. Leahy [More great photos by Johanna]     ‘The Magic Number’ by Ron Burch   As I was going down on you, you said, All wrong, all wrong.  I lifted up my head up,  my chin and lower face wet.  What? I asked.  You’re doing it all wrong, you said.  There […]

The Cities of Nothing by Ariel Beller

Photo by Claire Ibarra     ‘The Cities of Nothing’ by Ariel Beller   I found me a motel on a dirty side street not far from the Fremont Strip.  The street seemed cold and oily.  A dog, laughing or barking, was chained to an empty tire.  Fifteen dollars a night said the fat lady […]

Almost Home by Cheryl Diane Kidder

Photo by Johanna C. Leahy     ‘Almost Home’ by Cheryl Diane Kidder   It wasn’t going to be easy getting over that fence. He was taller than Mildred in his cowboy boots, but holding one in each hand and tiptoeing through the wet grass at three in the morning, then hitting the fence, well, […]

Out Late by Jay Xuret

Photo by Claire Ibarra [More great photos by Claire]     ‘Out Late’ by Jay Xuret   They dropped into the backseat of the cab, heavy with briefcases and gym bags. “Whoa, what time is it?” “Looks like it is just around midnite.” The man broke into a snatch of song: “Just Around Midnight.” “Midnight? […]

Baking Cookies with Whores by Brett Stout

Photo by Johanna C. Leahy     ‘Baking Cookies with Whores’ by Brett Stout   We eat breakfast in the early morning hours of some local shitbox late night omelet house. The name escapes me, but it’s not important anyways. There’s usually nothing but gay guys in here eating breakfast after the gay bars that […]

On Radishchev Street by Oleg Razumovsky

Photo by Claire Ibarra     ‘On Radishchev Street’ by Oleg Razumovsky   At the beginning of the summer, in the heat, I hit the bottle, and my wife, as usual, kicked me out of the house.  I had absolutely no place to go. For a while I cried like an idiot at the window, […]