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Roadside Fiction is a realist literary magazine with a passion for the wild, outrageous, yet realistic story. We publish an issue of short stories and photographs quarterly.



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‘Fag an drochscéal san áit ina bhfuair tú é.’

(Gaelic/Irish language)

‘Leave the bad story where you found it.’


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Roadside Fiction - Issue Ten

Roadside Fiction – Issue Ten


John P Brady

Back to the Gaff by John P Brady – Roadside Fiction


Back to the Gaff

Scandalous Narratives of Contemporary Ireland

The first book to be published by Roadside Fiction.  It describes the excessive and outrageous nature of Irish night life.

Meet an array of eccentric individuals who populate the bars of Dublin, living lives of decadence and abandon.

In Dublin the word “gaff” means “house” in local slang, therefore the expression has come to mean various things depending on context.

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Roadside Fiction - Issue Nine

Roadside Fiction – Issue Nine

Roadside Fiction is searching for stories told to shorten the road, stories told by travellers in hostels and hotels during a break from the road, and stories which evolve from the twists and turns along the unpredictable yet constant, road of life.

Stories regarding travel have been common for millennia as exmplified by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and the ancient Greek tradition of Homer’s Oddessy. The old Irish seanchaí, who were revered in old Ireland for their skill in crafting and retelling stories, travelled to people’s houses to inspire and delight with the perfect tale.

We wish to express the experience of living abroad or spending a few months in another place, or an exciting holiday during which unusual or funny events take place.

Given the theme of stories, travel and new realism, we would also like to publish photos as a visual representation of the fiction.  We encourage writers and photographers alike to contribute.

John Campbell

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Roadside Fiction Irish literary magazine

Roadside Fiction Irish literary magazine

Roadside Fiction Irish literary magazine